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Alistair Frost


Our Suppliers: Pentire Drinks
Name: Alistair Frost
Job Title: Founder

Nickname: Frosty
Time in role: Pentire has been trading for just over a year, I was developing the concept for around a year and a half before.  

Favourite part of the Job:

Being able to work in the drinks industry, working with some of the best chef’s and mixologists in the world, and not having to drink any alcohol in the process meaning I can jump in the sea or do activities in the evening. 

Favourite Food:

Local vegetables and line-caught seafood from the day boats in the harbour. 

Favourite place:

Port Gaverne with a BBQ and friends. 

Why I like V&M:

A friendly team, great reputation, and after seeing the vans parked outside the best local deli’s and restaurants as I was growing up I thought ‘I would love to work with those guys when I grow up’.

Unusual fact about me:

A surfing addiction that I NO WAY have under control. 

What makes Pentire so unique? 

Our flavour profile positions us in a unique place in the market, also our positioning as a company being full of purpose and standing for adventurous and active lifestyles is something in spirits that has been ‘marketed’ by alcohol companies for a while however we believe that less alcohol and a more active lifestyle is a healthier and happier one.

Whose idea was it to make a non-alcoholic spirit & how did it come about? 

I had spent years in the drinks industry drinking less and less myself and noticing alcohol consumption dropping. I decided to research plant life in our local area as plant-based eating and drinking was increasingly popular, after learning about the huge range of plants growing around here and our unique growing conditions, I started experimenting by distilling sea herbs and seasonal plants learning about the amazing flavours they created. After a huge amount of trial, testing and error Pentire was born into life. 

If it doesn’t contain alcohol why is it called a spirit?

We get asked this a lot.  It’s because it’s not a cordial, it’s got 0 sugar, Pentire is made by distillation which is the same technique you use to make alcohol. There are technical parts to our process before and after distillation too. 

If you knew then what you know now what would you do differently?

Our market and consumer habits are changing pretty fast which involves us needing to be pretty brave and not be afraid to make mistakes so I would have to say not a huge amount. Maybe I would say take some time out to relax in year one, however that’s not really that possible in a start-up! 

What’s next for Pentire?

Expanding our team, growing our product range, focusing more on looking after our oceans with our community. We are also expanding our global reach into new territories and also working with leading bars, restaurants and retailers locally. You will also find us on the local beaches this summer doing tastings so do come and say hi! 

Dream job?

Genuinely, this one. It’s so fulfilling every day. 

Covid 19 specific question - what’s the most positive thing you will take away from this time?

The importance of work being fun. As we are so connected now in the world we live in, especially if you work in a digital type of company, its key to make it enjoyable, human, and respect that we all need to have fun and little wins every day.  

Thanks so much! 

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