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Nigel Smith


Our Suppliers: Touchwood Cider
Name: Nigel Smith
Job Title: Cider Maker

Time in role: Last 40 years

Favourite part of the Job:

Planting more apple trees!

Favourite Food:

I love anything home produced.

Favourite place:

When the orchards are in full blossom.

Why I like V&M:

We like Veggies & More because they are local and supportive of Cornish producers. 

Unusal fact about me:

I still have not gone grey at the age of 68!

Dream Job?

I'm already doing it.

Who's idea was it to make cider & how did it come about? 

When i moved to the woodlands in the late 80's, this had been a cider barn with orchards that had been scrubbed up in the 70's. Thanks to the Cornwall County Council and the Cornish Orchards Initiative I was able to get a grant to replant orchards with old Cornish varieties of apples. The trees are now over 25 years old.

How would you describe Touchwood Cider and who should it appeal to? 

Touchwood Cider was inspired by our visits to Brittany. We even had organic Breton Cider for our wedding! We drink cider with anything.

Why should retailers make shelf space for Touchwood over other local brands? 

Our cider is made from 100% Cornish apple juice, with no additives or preservatives, and all made from the orchards on the farm.

What’s next for Touchwood Cider

We are looking into 330ml size bottles, cans and sparkling kegs. 

Covid 19 specific question – what’s the most positive thing you will take away from this time?

The greater interest in buying locally.

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