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Emma Rolfe


Our Suppliers: Truffle Hunter
Name: Emma Rolfe
Job Title: Senior Marketing Executive
Nickname: I don’t have one! 
Time in role: 7 months

Favourite part of the Job:

Tasting all of our products and talking about food all day!

Favourite Truffle Hunter Product:

Our Black Truffle Mayo or Black Truffle Crisps… It’s way too hard to decide!

Favourite place:

Sri Lanka

Why I like V&M:

WestCountry is a proud Cornish company that has been operating by the same family since 1961, providing amazing fresh regional produce and flying the flag for the South West!

Unusual fact about me:

I lived in France for a year and taught English in a primary school

How did Truffle Hunter evolve to what it is today?

Our CEO Nigel, and his wife, Omi , moved to Italy in 2007 leaving the corporate world behind. They discovered the endless possibilities of truffles at a local market, and the journey began!

What’s the strangest customer request you’ve had?

I wouldn’t say we have any really strange requests, but we have some well-known faces shop with us over the years! David Gilmour, Tamara Ecclestone, Mezut Ozil, Charles N’Zogbia and lots more!

What’s your most recommended truffle recipe?

Pasta or meat dishes! Our products go really well with these. We have some delicious recipes on our website! 

Tell us a story of one of your dogs?

Five year old Otto the Lagotto has been working hard recently to hunt for our delicious truffles! He’s one of many amazingly skilled truffle hunting dogs sourcing the best quality truffles from Italy. All he asks for is lots of praise when he finds one, it keeps him going! The Lagotto Romagnolo is an extremely popular breed used for truffle hunting as they have extremely strong scents, and their thick coats protect them from thorns and debris.

COVID- 19 specific question – What’s the most positive thing you will take away from this time? It’s been amazing to see the amount of businesses in the food industry adapting to meet the needs of their customers during this strange time. Many have offered home delivery services and offered discounts to frontline workers, and the support and encouragement I have seen throughout the industry has been really uplifting.

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