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Award-winning Ketchup

Congratulations to Rebelicious Sauces on their Best in Category at the Nourish Awards 2020. The awards celebrate the best new generation of health foods in the UK.

The Beetroot & Horseradish Ketchup created by Rebelicious Sauces was selected as the winner of the Cupboard Essentials category by nutritionists and industry experts. The company based in Truro was founded to provide sauces and condiments for grown ups and children. All of their products are low in salt, reduced sugar and certified by Sugarwise.

Tilly Aviram, Co-founder of Rebelicious Sauces said:

“When Felicity my daughter was 6 months and weaning, we wanted to eat together,

I could find nothing on the shelves that matched what we wanted to cook with, so

​we started making our sauces and condiments for us to eat together, then we

realised that other parents might want to have them as well”

We are proud to offer the Rebelicious Sauces range as part of our fine foods selection. Try a bottle of the award winning ketchup today and explore the full range available including Karmic Korma Curry Sauce and Roasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta Sauce.

Read the full feature published by Business Cornwall

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