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Isobel Dickson

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Our Suppliers: Nurtured in Norfolk
Name: Isobel Dickson
Job Title: Marketing and Sales Officer 

Time in role: 11 months! I started last November

Favourite part of the Job:

Definitely speaking to our customers and seeing how chefs and bakers use our produce, and how they inspire each other. I run our Instagram page, so I love to see all the wonderful cakes, drinks, appetisers and mains people tag us in.

Favourite food:

From Nurtured, it’s of course the Cucamelons!

In general, it would have to be chocolate – or lasagna! 

Favourite place:

South of France 

Favourite season:


Why I like V&M:

Lots of reasons! But the staff are always so chirpy, it really makes a difference. 

Unusual fact about me:

I am terrified of caterpillars. 

Favourite product you grow and why:

Cucamelons. They’re so cute and so tasty! But also, micro amaranth, the colour is just beautiful! 

What do you think the next trend in micros will be? 

That is so hard to say! For edible flowers, it’s definitely the dried and pressed flowers – these have proved really popular so far.

Any new lines on the horizon? 

Halloween! We have just released our Halloween Flower Mix and Halloween Dried Flower jar.  

COVID 19 specific question – what’s the most positive thing you will take away from this time? 

At Nurtured, for me, it was so wonderful to see how everyone came together and really put their all into the business. So I guess the most positive thing is to see how positive everyone is! 

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