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Winter Crops at Canara Farm

Hi and welcome to the latest blog from our very special market garden, at Canara Farm, Mylor. We hope you enjoyed our previous feature about the Water Infrastructure at the farm. Today Pete will be talking about our Winter Crops.

“ In one of the brassica fields we’ve grown some Brussel sprouts for Christmas time and autumn red cabbage. These were planted towards the end of May and we used enviromesh to protect them from pests while the plants were establishing. We are pleased to say that the plants all rooted out and have taken well. “

“ We turned over an additional section of soil in June, which up to that point, had not had anything grown in it this season. The decision was made to plant extra brassica modules in the area and the seedlings first started in the Nursery. We had calabrese, cabbages and kale all of which are now ready to harvest. “   

“ Swede and purple sprouting broccoli were also planted and they should be ready to harvest towards the end of November. A smaller crop patch was made near the right side of the polytunnels which was perfect for some celery and celeriac. I do like a fine celeriac match and I love to serve my celeriac finely whipped. “

Nick and Amanda from the Heron Inn in Malpas had this to say

“ A Salt-baked celeriac recipe has been on the trend this year. To prepare this dish you use egg white and sea salt which is wrapped around a celeriac and is then baked whole. This is a Mediterranean method which is often paired with fish. “

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the Winter crops at Canara Farm and we look forward to sharing more. You can read more about our people online and participate in weekly giveaway competitions supporting local businesses, see you soon.

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