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Caro Warwick-Evans

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Our Suppliers: The Cornish Seaweed Company
Name: Caro Warwick-Evans
Job Title: Co-founder, Sales & Marketing

Time in role: 8 Years

Favourite part of the Job:

Freediving for organic fresh sea spaghetti

Favourite Food:

Fresh sea spaghetti and tagliatelle

Favourite place:

Anywhere secret on the Lizard!

Why I like V&M:

They have been a great customer, always supportive and keen to get any exciting new products out there.  They offer a huge range of products supporting local small scale producers which is so vital at this crazy time! 

Unusual fact about me:

I have sailed to Antarctica

What makes seaweed so healthy? 

It is classified as a superfood as it holds a huge range of vitamins and minerals, it is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory not to mention hugely detoxifying for our systems. 

Whose idea was it to harvest seaweed & how did it come about?

After hearing a Farming Today program 8 years ago about the seaweed industry in Ireland i realised there was nothing happening with seaweed here in England....We were working as cleaners and waiting staff as there was so little skilled work around down here at the time and made sense to fill a hole in the market with a seaweed business!

Top 3 super easy uses to encourage people to try seaweed

  • Our organic seaweed salt and pepper grinders can simply replace your regular salt and pepper and be kelp on the table.

  • Our new ranges or 100% organic SEAsonings can be used to spice up any dish

  • Our new organic sea salad shaker can be sprinkled into any salad, sarnie, scrambled eggs or onto potatoes much like a spice shaker.

If you knew then what you know now what would you do differently?

HHHmmm tough one. I don’t think we would have done anything that differently, its all a learning curve and cant really cut corners or you don’t get there with the same knowledge. We certainly made a lot of mistakes and had to grow slowly with little money but thats what made the business what it is.. Maybe would have taken more breaks in the first few years to avoid burning out actually!

As a family business how do you balance work & family life? 
Tim and I have separate families and are partners in business alone! But as a mum to 3 small children i can certainly say there have been some tough times but we have had amazing flexibility with it being our own business and certainly for some things an easier ride than for most working mothers.

Dream job?

Probably doing something similar but in Tazmania, St Helena or remote South Pacific island!

Covid 19 specific question - what’s the most positive thing you will take away from this time?

So many more people are looking at local healthy foods and taking more interest in their health through their diets which has affected a lot of small scale producers in a really positive way.... And that our team are amazing individuals  who  have met all the challenges and changes due to Covid with remarkable ease and positivity.

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