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Local Baby Carrots

Hi and welcome to the latest blog from our very special market garden, at Canara Farm, Mylor. We hope you enjoyed our previous feature about the packaging processes used on the farm. Today Pete will be talking about the baby bunched carrots now ready to harvest.

‘’ We had our first sowing of carrots at the beginning of June and they were direct drilled. This is where the seed is placed underneath the soil without any prior soil cultivation. ‘’

‘’ You will expect to see a flush of weed after the first few weeks of sowing and I kept a close eye on the plant beds to help maintain the area. My plan this year was to run across the carrot sections with a hand held green burner and that will burn off the flush of weed and give me a much cleaner line of carrots. ‘’

‘’ The handheld green burner is a quick tool for removing weeds without using any harmful and hazardous chemicals. The torch blasts the weeds with heat and after a couple of short days the weed withers and dies off. ‘’

‘’ As we reach the end of September the pre-mature carrots can be harvested as baby carrot. Baby carrots are general sweeter than fully mature ones and can be grown all year round. Baby vegetables are a popular choice due to their convenient small size, crisp consistency and big flavours. ‘’

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the bunched carrots on the farm and we look forward to sharing more with you.

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