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Packaging process at Canara Farm

Hi and welcome to the latest blog from our very special market garden, at Canara Farm, Mylor. We hope you enjoyed our previous feature about the crop rotation practices used on the farm. Today Pete will be talking about our salad packaging processes.

'' The packing machine is about 4 years old now and it has really transformed our salad operation. We were using hand held heat sealers to seal all of our product bags before and this was the slowest part of the packaging operation. ''

'' The bagging machine speeds up the process and gives us the flexibility to package multiple products. We connect the machine to a thermal transfer printer which allows us to print various designs for different products while using the same plain film roll. ''

'' It is air powered and operates with a foot switch. The machine takes film on a roll, forms a bag, fills with product and prints a label all at the same time. We can choose different settings on the machine to alter details such as the bag length and the thickness of film. ''

'' We used to rely on printed bags for each product. This required lead times and extra planning. When you take this year as an example we had to re-evaluate our crop plan and create additional products for different sales channels in a very short space of time. Having this multi-purpose packaging machine has been a great tool for that. ''

'' It has been a very different year for us and although the packaging machine has been useful our retail bags are still done by hand with the heat sealer. We would usually do 5-10 boxes of retail bags a day and we have been doing 20 of those. Our retail boxes contain 18x100g bags. We would usually do 5-6 pallets of catering bags. Our pallets hold 120x500g catering bags. ''

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our salad packaging process on the farm and we look forward to sharing more with you. View our weekly Star Buy highlights below or visit our website for more great deals. See you soon.

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