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Squash at Canara Farm

Hi and welcome to the latest blog from our very special market garden, at Canara Farm, Mylor. We hope you enjoyed our previous feature about the no-dig mission for our polytunnels. Today Pete will be talking about the squash varieties growing at the farm.

'' We are growing a variety of summer and winter squash this year including crown prince, delicata, harlequin, kabocha, patipan, turban and uchiki kuri squash. We are also growing a couple of halloween pumpkins as well.''

'' The winter squash patch consists of kabocha, harlequin and uchiki kuri squash and these are all Japanese winter varieties. I've grown these due to the squash being fairly small in size and these work well as part of a veggie box. My favourite type is the harlequin or sweet dumplin squash. ''

'' We have a small volume of summer squash growing such as the yellow patipan and yellow courgette. These are scheduled for the end of September ready for the autumn harvest period. The plants are well established now. ''

'' The farm was hit by some strong winds in June and we did lose a few of the plantings. The protective enviromesh we use on the farm was blown into one of the squash bays. Although we lost around 10-12 plants in total this did not affect us greatly due to the yard spacing.''

'' Squash beds tend to get very weedy, however they are a veining plant so you will expect to find a sea of leaf and vine. Any gaps in the soil get filled in naturally by the neighbouring plants. The plants will gain a little more access to moisture and light, which in turn will offer higher fruit yields. ''

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the varieties of squash growing at the farm and we look forward to sharing more with you. We are now in the UK squash season and we will expect to see a fantastic selection of local squash in the coming weeks. See you soon.

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